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Bag Delivery


Catalina is Open!  ​We look forward to welcoming you back to Avalon very soon!

We have all day lockers starting at $1.

We also have unlimited access lockers available starting at $8.

Drop by between 8am and 7pm to drop off or pick up a bag.  Fri - Sun 7am and 7pm

When it comes to Avalon baggage or, actually, any catalina baggage, we are your solution.  We deliver and pick up items from all hotels, condos, homes and Hermit Gulch.  We deliver and pick up scuba gear from the City of Avalon Dive Park at Casino Point.  We have storage lockers, small and large, even all day access lockers.  We provide storage for all catalina baggage, luggage, scuba gear, equipment, etc. - large and small.
We provided storage and transfer services for local businesses, residents, and all visitors.  If you are a tourist for only one day or staying for longer, if you are a scuba diver, or even a construction worker, we have all of your avalon baggage and storage needs handled.

Daily Storage

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