Your Catalina Baggage Solution

Scuba Gear Transfer and Storage

Casino Point - From Cabrillo Mole

Round Trip: $11.00 (All prices are "Per Set")
One Way: $9.00

After Hours (Night Dives, etc)
Additional $5.00 per person


Overnight Storage: $5.00
Additional Items: $3.00 per item (ice chests, coolers, etc.)

One SET of dive gear includes:

  • Dive gear for one person
  • Weights for one person (Please insure that weights and cylinder are not inside the gear bag/box.)
  • One Cylinder or set of doubles

Please allow 30 minutes from time of call for pick-up from Casino Point

* 50lb max per bag or box
Please make sure that weights and cylinders are not inside any gear bags/boxes.

While we take great care to ensure that no damage comes to your gear or bags, we do not assume responsibility for damages caused by improper packing or overweight baggage, including but not limited to damages to handles, wheels or the contents of the bag/box.
Though, uncommon, theft from the dive site can occur. We recommend staying with your bag(s) until we arrive.